Overview of Covid Timeline Narratives

Welcome to Story Analyzer's Covid Timeline Overview. Using natural language processing and data visualization, this page shows you an aggregation of the following Covid timeline article sources: Devex, National Public Radio, Just Security, Hudson Institute, World Health Organization, CNN, Wired, Think Global Health, and Brookings Institution.

Below, you see a calendar showing the significant dates of the timeline, a map showing locations where events took place, and a "treemap" which shows the people (blue) or groups (red) involved in these events. Hovering over any of these elements displays the sentences from the above documents involving the selected element. If you click on an element (date, location, person, or group), this "freezes" the screen so you can move the mouse without affecting the display. The sentences are grouped by the document. If you click on these it takes you to Story Analyzer dashboards of the selected document.


People/Groups Treemap